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///[ Product Range: 3 kW - 150 kW heating capacity ]///


      Designed for maximum temperatures and optimum safety, the TT-137 temperature control unit can handle water temperatures up to 320°F/ 160 °C.  This unit is dutiable for molds in the plastic and die casting industries.  The closed, hot-water circuit with integral cold-water receiver in a large expansion tank eliminates the problem of cracking.  The TT-137 is guaranteed to be a leak-proof system with a leak-resistant pump, even at the maximum working temperature.  With its unique design and innovative technologies, this unit can be used and immediately switched off; there is no need to cool down the system.  All Tool-Temp temperature control units and water chillers are fitted with the self-optimizing microprocessor controller MP-888 (pictured above.)  The self-optimizing feature allows a very high regulating accuracy even at high temperatures and adheres to the set temperature independently of the consumer. 

Also available in other configuration as N, B, B/P Units with B Type pump ubnits that are without axial seals 

TT-137 N / TT-137 B / TT-137 B/BP

Pressurised water units with electronic flow control
Operational use: TT-137 N and TT-137 B: up to 140°C
TT-137 B/BP: up to 160°C (with pressure increasing pump)
Tecnical Data:
Heating capacity: 12 kW switchable in stages 6 / 6
Cooling capacity: approx. 80 kW
Pump capacity: N-pump: motor 1,8 kW, max. 5 bar / max. 110 l/min
B-pump: motor 1,8 kW, max. 6,5 bar / max. 110 l/min
Dimensions: Length: 870 x Width: 360 x Height: 915 mm
Weight: ca. 120 kg (empty)
Special features:
Digital flow indication: Indication of flow rate in litres and gallons and control of the minimum flow. As soon as the flow falls below a minimum, tha alarm is activated.
Pump model N:
Pume model B:
Proven pump system with axial face seal
Pump with sealless magnetic drive
Leakstopper device and automatic mould drain: Unit can be used in pressure or vacuum mode
All components in contact with water are made of stainless steel. Pump made of bronze, Quality is equivalent to V2A.