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///[ Product Range: 3 kW - 150 kW heating capacity ]///


      The TT-133 is a pressurized water temperature control unit for use with water temperatures up to 140°C.   During operational use, the TT-133 can accommodate mold weights up to 1,000 kg.   All Tool-Temp temperature control units and water chillers are fitted with the self-optimizing microprocessor controller MP-888 (pictured above.)  The self-optimizing feature allows a very high regulating accuracy even at high temperatures and adheres to the set temperature independently of the consumer.

Included Features

  • MP-888 microprocessor controller
  • Automatic temperature control that activates alarm when the actual temp deviates 5+ °C from the set temp
  • Automatic aeration / venting
  • Automatic water refill
  • Automatic mold drain (up to 80 °C)
  • Switchable stages for varied heating capacities
  • Highly audible alarm system
  • Leak stopper- operates in pressure or vacuum mode to allow continuous production despite leakage from mold or connections
  • System pressure indicator
  • Corrosion-free unit.  All components in contact with water are made of stainless steel or bronze.
  • Connection for optional external thermocouple
  • Castors
  • Safety Devices:

    - Level control provides auto dry run protection

    - Separate mechanical safety thermostat

    - Temperature limiter installed in the controller

    - Motor protection switch, transformer, insulation

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range Up to 140°C
Temperature Control self-optimizing microprocessor controller with digital display of set temperature and actual temperature
Heating Capacity 18 kW with switchable stages of 12/18 kW
- or -
12 kW with switchable stages of 6/12/18 kW
Cooling Capacity NONE
Cooling System NONE
Pump Capacity pressure mode - max 4.5 bar, max 100 l/min
vacuum mode - max 8 mH2O (water column)
Filling automatic, with water filter
Connections medium - 3/4" female thread
cooling water - 3/8" female thread
Machine Dimensions L 840 x W 300 x H 770 mm (includes castors)
Machine Weight approximately 90 kg
Color silver gray RAL 7001
Special Equipment available for temperatures up to 160 °C

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